About Us

“Keenizsha” Vacation Home Rentals, Property Management and Concierge Services is a small business that was founded in 2013. The goal of the company was initially to manage, market and maintain properties in the weekly vacation rental industry. The company has since successfully managed over 50 different properties and hundreds of weekly rentals, as well as promoted activities for its guests and provided concierge services to many.
Our services have  been further extended by managing, marketing and providing our services on an epic scale through the various Companies, Entities and Entrepreneurs we have built relationships with throughout the years on Sint Maarten.


Ms. Hassell worked in the tourism industry for many years and owned her own Tour Company. Ms. Hassell also created many Marketing & Media Plans for well known businesses on Sint Maarten as well as for Saba Government that were used to promote her Birth Place “Saba”. She has held positions such as Cruise Logistics and Sales Manager and Operations Manager to name a few.

Her focus is always mainly on the highest standard of customer service that can possibly be given to her clients. Moving on to create her own Property Management and Real Estate Company. Her motto “I cover everything with a bubble of love!” Love is what it takes to be able to create a relationship where you take care of your clients and they feel a genuine feeling of trust and confidence in you as a beautiful soul and business entrepreneur.

Self love demonstrates pure confidence! Love is and always will be the highest vibration. Loving what you do creates an amazing effect and you are able to share pure and genuine love, joy and kindness to those you come in contact with. Creating an atmosphere of pure enjoyment and tranquil zen when you provide customer service to your clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact “Keenizsha” and we will take care of you and cater to your request. We provide many services to our clients and also special request. Our job is to make sure you have the highest quality service and we build a long term relationship.

Live, Love Laugh……